"Education & Jobs - Supporting What Matters!"

Realizing where we need to go and establishing a solid plan to get us there.



WebBullets   Make the median household income of the entire district equal to or greater than that of Madison County and among the top five in the state.

WebBullets  Have District 8’s school systems ranked among the top five in the state.

Given the nature of the Alabama Constitution, the Legislative Delegation is the only entity that can be in charge of a plan to achieve this vision. If we elect a delegation for District 8 that has a desire to serve the people, has proven to be successful in life, and is not looking for personal power or gain then we can develop a plan that benefits the people.



Horace’s background expands beyond a strong history in small business experience. He is an outdoor enthusiast with a lifetime membership with The Nature Conservancy, and he is an avid hunter. He also spent several weeks in Bay St. Louis after Hurricane Katrina, working to help uninsured members of the community recover. Additionally, he served on the Jackson County Commission from 2008-2012 as District 4 Commissioner.



If we are to move the remainder of District 8 forward we must:

WebBullets    Have a vision of where we want to go and a plan to get us there.

WebBullets   Ensure the plan’s implementation through the responsibility of the Senator, as head of Delegation.